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Zoomget Brands

Zoomget Brands

At Zoomget we understand how important safety is for you, and we make it our priority to provide you with the best hand protection from a lineup of dependable brands. We deliver the best variety of products collectively through our AMMEX Professional, Gloveworks, X3, and 1st Choice brands. We are confident we can meet your needs. 

AMMEX Professional offers a range of lightweight, exam-grade gloves in nitrile, vinyl, and latex that protect against pathogens and contaminants. Doctors, nurses, dentists, dental hygienists, laboratory technicians, veterinary staff, and those who work with children and the elderly will appreciate the safety these gloves deliver, day in and day out.

Gloveworks delivers a comprehensive lineup of industrial and exam-grade gloves in nitrile, vinyl, and latex. These are the gloves you reach for when the job demands something extra. From triple-thick latex medical gloves to durable nitrile with raised diamond texture for enhanced grip, Gloveworks gives you the peace of mind to concentrate on the job at hand.

X3 nitrile, vinyl, and latex industrial gloves provide dependable hand protection for light-duty applications. Whether you need ultra-light food service gloves or a versatile barrier against cleaning solutions and common chemicals, X3 is a great fit for tasks from janitorial to salon & beauty to painting and more.

1st Choice nitrile, latex, and vinyl gloves have you covered for medical, industrial, and home uses. 1st Choice exam-grade gloves are ideal for any non-sterile medical tasks, while 1st Choice industrial-grade gloves provide durability along with puncture and chemical resistance. From whipping up a soufflé in the kitchen to tackling heavy-duty cleaning and repair projects, you can count on 1st Choice, where your safety always comes first. 

We are confident you will find top-of-the-line protection from our dependable lineup of the best disposable gloves. 

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