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About Zoomget

About Zoomget

Are you looking for an incredible disposable glove that gets the job done, day in and day out? You’ve come to the right place! At Zoomget we provide a selection of products and dependable brands at unparalleled value. We focus on making safety easy so you can focus on your business. With our team of experts, we can provide you with the knowledge and insight you need to make an informed purchase decision. 
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  • 3 Things Locksmiths Need From Their Hand Protection

    Did you know that the locksmith industry has many high risks? Not all of them are obvious to those not in the industry. When it comes to hand protection many technicians do not always take the concern seriously. There are numerous reasons why a locksmith may need hand protection, but what are the main provisions the glove provides the user?
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  • Premium Gloves for Heavy-Duty Auto Technicians

    Premium Gloves for Heavy-Duty Auto Technicians

    All automotive vehicles require maintenance. Some, however, require a significant amount of upkeep due to their substantial size—this can include steamrollers, tractors, and more. Servicing heavy-duty machines can include a multitude of challenges, from the sheer volume of the maintenance to unique part specifications associated. Ensuring the proper knowledge, tools, and personal protective equipment is crucial. 
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  • Proper Gloves Use for EMS Workers

    Proper Gloves Use for EMS Workers

    Like any other medical professional Emergency Medical Services (EMS) workers go through a lot of rigorous safety and patient training to ensure the best care possible. This also include the proper personal protective equipment training to ensure both the patient and medical personnel are safe. This includes the donning and doffing of barrier clothing like disposable gloves.  
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  • Disposable Gloves in Sporting Events

    Most think of disposable glove use commonly throughout facility janitorial use and kitchen food prep. However, this also expands to some of the fun events most of us probably frequent, like concerts and sporting events. Often times commodity items are overlooked for the end user of the customer, however it’s important to take a step back and ensure the full scope of employees has the proper materials needed to execute a great event. Learn about the several aspects of sporting stadiums that require the use of disposable gloves!
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  • Disposable Glove Use in the Personal Services Industry  

    Disposable Glove Use in the Personal Services Industry  

    Disposable gloves are a key component to any great gel manicure or relaxing foot massage. Nail and beauty technicians need outstanding barrier protection to guard themselves from the harsh chemicals used and potential pathogens encountered. Ensuring technicians are equipped with the proper personal protection is key to a safe customer experience.
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  • Disposable Gloves for Childcare

    Disposable Gloves for Childcare

    Having the right supplies on hand in childcare and day care facilities is crucial to providing ample care for the children. Childcare providers go through a substantial amount of personal protective equipment not only to provide great care to the children but also to uphold safety and cleanliness standards. From disposable gloves to changing table paper the facilities need to ensure they are equipped for the job at hand.  

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  • Disposable Gloves in Agriculture

    Disposable Gloves in Agriculture

    In the agriculture industry disposable gloves can serve as barrier protection across a number of tasks. These duties can include working with livestock, dealing with contaminated soil, or handling harsh chemicals such as herbicides.  
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  • PPE Use in Adult Care

    PPE Use in Adult Care

    The adult care industry is a vital resource for elderly people who are no longer able to care for themselves. The demand for long-term care will likely increase as baby boomers begin to require these services. Ensuring that nursing homes and in-home care businesses have the proper personal protective equipment is crucial in ensuring proper patient care.  
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  • 6 Safety Tips for Every Industry

    6 Safety Tips for Every Industry

    Having a workplace safety program in place is crucial to the success of many businesses. These programs are needed for more businesses than you would think, if you don’t have a workplace safety program in place take this as your sign to instill one. The programs aren’t as difficult or costly as you may think! There are plenty of resources exist to help you through the process, the Zoomget team has broken them down into six basic steps. 
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