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Up to 15% Savings on Average Retail Pricing
Up to 15% Savings on Average Retail Pricing

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Zoomget Business-to-Business provides small to medium-sized businesses the opportunity to shop and source the best disposable gloves to meet their needs. Whether your supply needs are small, or large, we welcome the opportunity to become your preferred disposable glove provider.  



Customer Testimonials

Great Company to Work With

This is about the 8th or 9th order I have place with this company in the past year. To date, they have never failed us. They have always gotten our orders in a timely manner as promised. They also have the best prices. The quality is the same as those higher priced companies. I recommend Zoomget to anyone who is looking for gloves and ask that they look to see if they can find their gloves on that site. I have grown to count on Zoomget.


Kathy B.

Great for Materials Testing

Our field team loves these GlovePlus HD gloves! They are latex-free, powder-free and thick enough to handle the jobs that we have to do out in the field. These are the only brand we buy.


Christie P.

These gloves are #1 in my book!

5 Stars all the way! Through all my mechanic days I’ve tried hundreds of different gloves these are #1 in my book! Yes yes yes they are more money but so is everything else and the quality and unique features of this glove make them worth every penny! I am glad I got a case box of 10… so many uses they last and last and very rarely have a blowout! The high visibility green makes them even better! Big big thank you


Scott M.

Inexpensively Perfect

Exactly what I expected the product to be! Received the gloves within days! I know that I can get what I need for an extremely great price compared to most other glove suppliers!


Robert C.

Great Service

This company excels in Customer Service. Their web-site is easy to use and the whole Customer Service Staff is exceptional, knowledgeable and very willing to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Our gloves got here in just a few days as promised.

We were so amazed at how they can do what they do when no other Vendor can seem to get things to us this quickly.



Kathy B.

Best Nitrile Gloves - Trust Me!

The gloves are great. I highly recommend them to anyone no matter what you are using the gloves for. The gloves are comfortable, durable and high quality. I have used nitrile gloves for a long time. These gloves are the best ones I have ever used and I will continue to use. Please don't waste your money on another pair of gloves of less quality that will tear, rip, get a hole and not serve their purpose like these gloves do.


William R.

Great Gloves

These gloves are great. Well made and durable. I use them in medical situations and at work. I'm a Security Specialist and you don't know what your going to be asked to handle at times. These gloves offer great protection at a good price. Well worth the price!!!


Brian F.

Zoomget was awarded the 2021 second-fastest-growing private company in Washington by the Puget Sound Business Journal. As a company, we experienced tremendous growth while navigating the challenges of the glove market during a global pandemic. We are grateful for the continued support from our customers.

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