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These Nitrile Gloves Get the Job Done in Multiple Industries

These Nitrile Gloves Get the Job Done in Multiple Industries

There are a lot of niche needs in the manufacturing sector. However, once again the issue boils down to the job is more important than the industry. What matters most to your customers? Is it grip, thickness, chemical resistance? Do they still use latex but should be using nitrile?

It’s a complex question because the category is so large—but a few gloves will cover most needs across the widest spectrum of industries:

This year so far is proving successful for distributors selling disposable gloves. In 2023, the $15 billion-plus market will continue to evolve now that the worst of the pandemic behind us.

Glove manufacturers are flush with product—supply is, after the frequent shortages of 2020-22, especially for industrial nitrile, back to ample.

Prices have been stabilizing after the pandemic roller coaster. And perhaps most important, demand is still strong and not going away. Workers in a broad cross-section of industries will still require hand protection.

The industrial disposable glove market has seen consistent double-digit growth over the last 40 years. Glove use for applications from plumbing to electrical to mechanical has increased annually.

The market should keep growing at double-digit rates. Now that the labor shortages created by the pandemic are over, manufacturing capacity is once again substantial and availability is restored—even to the point where the surplus of gloves is driving down prices.

It’s also important to remember that the disposable glove market is a marathon, not a sprint. As a commodity, gloves do not lose their favor; once a worker gets used to them, he or she is not likely to return to bare-handing their work.

The better you know and understand the jobs your customers do, the better you can provide them with the tools they need.

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