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Proper Gloves Use for EMS Workers

Proper Gloves Use for EMS Workers

Like any other medical professional, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) workers go through a lot of rigorous safety and patient training to ensure they deliver the best care possible. This also includes the proper personal protective equipment training to ensure both the patient and medical personnel are safe, such as the donning and doffing of barrier clothing like disposable gloves.

It’s crucial that the EMS workers and medical staff remember to change their exam-grade disposable gloves frequently and appropriately during a call. This ensures patient safety and avoids change of contaminating clean surfaces or tools. Even if a patient doesn’t have any visible pathogens, wounds, or bodily fluids. Donning gloves prior to working with a patient and removing them after any sort of assessment or procedure especially before touching a clean surface or equipment is recommended. If medical staff come into contact with patients after removing their gloves it is recommended to wear a new pair. As you can see EMS and medical staff need to ensure they have ample supplies on hand when coming into contact with patients to ensure safety.  

Additionally, it is important that EMS workers, first responders and medical staff are wearing the appropriate gloves for the job. EMS workers often wear heavy-duty exam-grade gloves for increased protection. The thicker glove offers additional durability due to the thicker material as well as increase forearm protection with the extended cuff.  

It is also important to ensure the right chemical resistance in the gloves as responders are not always aware of what chemicals or potentially harmful substances they may be coming into contact with. The U.S. Occupation Safety and Health Administration requires a chemical resistant if and when responding to any sort of incident where harsh chemicals are present, such as a manufacturing plant.  

Ensure your medical team is equipped with the proper protection today. Zoomget has light and heavy-duty exam-grade gloves in stock ready for your business use today. Providing you with the affordable protection needed to make safety a priority.  

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