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Premium Gloves for Heavy-Duty Auto Technicians

Premium Gloves for Heavy-Duty Auto Technicians

All automotive vehicles require maintenance. Some, however, require a significant amount of upkeep due to their substantial size—this can include steamrollers, tractors, and more. Servicing heavy-duty machines can include a multitude of challenges, from the sheer volume of the maintenance to unique part specifications associated. It can take years and years to acquire the crucial knowledge and skills required for heavy-duty automotive repair.

You may be asking, why does this profession take so long to master? Heavy-duty auto mechanics and technicians face challenges that are tougher than the average auto technician. All automotive technicians encounter chemicals daily like hydraulic fluids, gasoline, and antifreeze, all of which are harmful to one’s hands. For heavy-duty auto technicians, however, these maintenance tasks take place on a much larger scale. Construction equipment can weigh several tons more than the average automobile, meaning much larger frames are involved and requiring a stronger grip from the technician. The period of time the technician spends working on these machines is often much longer as well, resulting in significant wear and tear of gloves at a much faster rate. In turn, many companies have begun implementing preventative maintenance plans to drive cost and technician efficiency.

In these environments, only the toughest and strongest gloves will do, such as premium heavy-duty gloves. It is smart for them to choose gloves that have a longer duration of use, raised texture for enhanced grip, and extended cuffs for additional forearm protection. Heavy-duty nitrile and latex gloves are the best choices for chemical protection and puncture resistance. Gloveworks Heavy-Duty Industrial Nitrile Gloves with Raised Diamond Texture are a great option because they feature up to 60% more surface area than traditional nitrile gloves and have enhanced grip. Zoomget offers a variety of heavy-duty industrial gloves suited for automotive technicians and mechanics. 

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