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PPE Use in Adult Care

PPE Use in Adult Care

The adult care industry is vital for elderly people who are no longer able to care for themselves. The demand for long-term care will likely increase as baby boomers require more of these services. Ensuring that nursing homes and in-home care businesses have the proper personal protective equipment is crucial in ensuring proper patient care.

Elderly care facilities are large business that often require a significant number of disposable gloves and other protective materials for staff to provide resident care. This makes the needs of adult care very similar to that of day care. They are self-contained living facilities that require staff to be able to accommodate to every element of care. The facilities include nurses, janitors, foodservice staff and landscapers who all require disposable gloves. Within this industry there are ongoing measures to improve quality of care, often leading to a need for increased PPE.  

Exam gloves are the best-suited glove for the medical staff during most tasks. In adult care there is risk of spreading bloodborne pathogens, such as via patient cuts or wounds. Wearing exam-grade disposable gloves help to prevent spread of pathogens or bacteria. Staff should avoid wearing powdered gloves in this environment, as the powder can interfere with open wounds. 1st Choice 3 mil. Nitrile Exam Gloves are available in a variety of colors, which can help drive interdepartmental organization in the facility. Many companies often color-coded gloves by department or size to make it easier for staff to find what they need quickly.  

As in any other large-scale business of facility there are many moving parts in a nursing home. Nurses and physicians are responsible for patient care, cafeteria workers are responsible for meals and janitors are responsible for facility cleanliness. Disposable gloves are needed across all of the employees to ensure proper protection. Ensure your facility has the best in disposable gloves with 1st Choice exam-grade disposable gloves 

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