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Lightweight Nitrile Gloves Deliver Comfort, Protection at a Great Price

Lightweight Nitrile Gloves Deliver Comfort, Protection at a Great Price

During the pandemic, nitrile industrial-grade disposable gloves were not easy to come by.

At COVID-19’s outset, manufacturers were forced to ramp up production quickly. They turned their immediate focus to exam-grade product to meet the overwhelming need in medical applications. For industrial nitrile, prices went up and availability went down.

Since then, supply chains have improved and nitrile availability is where it should be. Zoomget has end-users well-covered throughout the nitrile spectrum, from good to better to best.

GOOD: At the lighter end—but offering tremendous versatility—are X3 (blue) and BX3 (black). These gloves will change everything you thought you knew about 3-mil nitrile. When you need a disposable glove with the strength of nitrile, balanced with excellent dexterity for lighter-duty applications, you want X3 or BX3.

BETTER: In the middle are dependable 1st Choice 5 mil. Black Nitrile (1BN) and Premium 6 mil. Black Nitrile (1PBN). Their micro-roughened and textured surface provides a reliable grip for a variety of uses, from food prep to cleaning to painting to repairs.

BEST: At the top of the industrial scale are 1st Choice with Raised Diamond Texture. These 6-mil gloves, available in orange and green, are for true heavy-duty use. The texture delivers the best grip you’ll find anywhere for working with tools and machinery.

Does everybody need heavy-duty gloves? Definitely not. Lighter-weight gloves are an important option for a wide variety of industries.

They’re a great choice for short-duration use, especially for food service and janitorial—yet they offer much better fit and feel than comparable vinyl gloves. These are among the most comfortable gloves you will wear.

Nitrile has greater puncture resistance than latex, so you can be confident your hands are protected. Made of the same top-grade nitrile as heavier gloves, they provide a dependable barrier against cleaning solutions, paint, and a wide variety of common and specialty chemicals.

Among our lowest-cost nitrile options, latex-free and powder-free X3 nitrile industrial gloves offer tremendous value. This is one time when you’re getting much, much more than you pay for.

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