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How We Create Confidence With Compliance, Ethical Sourcing

How We Create Confidence With Compliance, Ethical Sourcing

When you partner with Zoomget Business-to-Business, you get a lot more than you single-use disposable gloves.

For one thing, you get to feel confident. And there’s a lot of benefit in that.

Confident that the products you are getting are compliant with our stringent quality-control standards that meet or exceed industry specifications. It’s part of our 100% inspections program, where on-site teams inspect every single shipment at the factory level.

Confident that our gloves are sourced in an ethical manner. Our suppliers are required to sign our ethical sourcing policy. In most cases, if you’re buying gloves at any significant volume, it can be difficult to guarantee the gloves are produced under the highest standards. With Zoomget Business-to-Business, you can count on that.

Sourcing gloves at scale in a compliant manner creates its own set of challenges. We have invested heavily in manpower and in developing systems to make compliance and ethical sourcing centerpieces of our glove program.

We are members of Sedex, a corporation helping 74,000 global companies to create more socially and environmentally sustainable businesses and supply chains. Sedex’s data insights and tools provide full visibility into its members’ businesses, suppliers, and the social and environmental sustainability of their supply chains.

We rely on SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit), the most widely used format for social audits in the world, which enables us to assess our suppliers and better understand working conditions in the companies that produce our gloves.

These benefits are not simply one size fits all, put into a brochure, and used to maintain an image. They are client specific, meaning we tailor them to your needs.

If we feel good about our supply, our customers feel good about their supply—and that creates a tremendous amount of goodwill. We invite you to join our dedication to top-quality disposable gloves and ethical sourcing. You won’t regret it.

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