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Disposable Gloves in Sporting Events

Most think of disposable glove use commonly throughout facility janitorial use and kitchen food prep. However, this also expands to some of the fun outings most of us probably frequent, like concerts and sporting events. Commodity items are often overlooked for the end-user or the customer; however, it’s important to take a step back and ensure the full scope of employees has the proper materials needed to execute a great event. There are several aspects of sporting stadiums that require the use of disposable gloves 

Concession Stands 

Concession stands are the heart of keeping fans happy during any sporting event, especially during a hot day! From popcorn to ice-cream, disposable gloves are abundant in the stands. The key reasoning of wearing disposable gloves is to avoid cross-contamination. Employees also need to ensure the gloves are easy to take on and off, as they are often changing gloves between tasks and customers. Vinyl gloves are a great solution for this, as the material has a looser fit than nitrile or latex making them easy to take on and off. These are often used for frequent glove changes like food service, the low price point makes them a great low-cost solution to cross contamination.  


Fans often only see the groundskeepers grooming the field in between plays. However, when players and fans are gone from the stadium, a lot of work and care goes into maintaining the fields. Most fields are made of grass or turf. If the field is made from grass, landscapers need to maintain it on a daily basis. In order to keep the grass fresh and green, pesticides and other chemicals are often used. However, this can be unhealthy for the workers, so  they often turn to heavy-duty nitrile gloves that provide great barrier protection. These gloves are also great when it comes to removing thorns or plants from the area landscape.

Maintenance and Cleanup  

Once the players and fans are gone the fun begins for the janitorial team. It’s their role to rid the many plastic cups and hotdog wrappers that often fill the stands after a major sporting event. With so many nooks and crannies in a large stadium, the task can be daunting. The task also involves sanitizing and cleaning restrooms and hallways. Ensuring the staff has proper disposable hand protection is key, as they may come in contact with unknown solutions and substances. Harmful chemicals are also often used when it comes to sanitation. Did you know that glass and metal cleaners include harmful chemicals like hydrofluoric acid and phosphoric acid? This has the potential to cause burns and irritation if used without the proper protection. Lightweight 3 mil. vinyl gloves are a great solution as the light material makes them easy to take on and off, while also at a low-cost price point. For even sturdier chemical resistance lightweight 3 mil. nitrile gloves are a great alternative, they have great chemical resistance while still providing the lightweight fit and feel.  

Disposable gloves aren’t the star player of the game, but often times it’s much more enjoyable with the support of disposable gloves. Gloves help to carry out the tasks needed to provide the fans with great food, amenities, and a stadium in great condition. Overall, disposable gloves help make any game a more enjoyable experience! 

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