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Disposable Gloves for Childcare

Disposable Gloves for Childcare

Having the right supplies on hand in childcare and daycare facilities is crucial to providing ample care for children. Childcare providers go through a substantial amount of personal protective equipment, not only to provide great care to children but also to uphold safety and cleanliness standards. From disposable gloves to changing table paper, the facilities need to ensure they are equipped for the job at hand.

Having the Right Supplies on Hand  

Sanitary changing table paper is a key product not only in doctors’ offices but also daycare facilities. Rolls of sanitary changing table paper help employees maintain a clean and safe environment. Changing table paper goes hand in hand with diapers and wipes. AMMEX Moisture Resistant Changing Table Paper delivers 99.5% protection against bacteria pass-through. 

Disposable Gloves for Childcare 

One supply that is often overlooked in childcare facilities is vinyl disposable gloves. Gloves are crucial for a variety of applications from changing diapers and food preparation to general cleaning and sanitation. When it comes to changing diapers AMMEX Professional 3 mil. Clear Vinyl Exam Gloves are an excellent choice as they are medical-grade, providing effective barrier-protection. These gloves are also great for food preparation and facility cleaning. Vinyl gloves offer a looser fit than nitrile or latex materials, making them easy to take on and off. Ideal for frequent glove changes! Vinyl gloves are also a more cost-effective solutions as they are at a cheaper price point, helping childcare facilities save on a product that is used frequently throughout day-to-day operations.  

As the demand for childcare increases as many are returning to in-person work, day care providers need to consider their supplies. To offer the best in care they need to ensure they are equipped with the best in disposable gloves. Zoomget has your day care facility covered! 

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