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Continued Supply Chain Issues

Continued Supply Chain Issues

You like many of us are probably tired of hearing about the persisting issues with the global supply chain, but sadly this is still a prominent concern for most that will continue throughout the year.

The disposable glove industry will feel the impact like just about every other industry. Though there is no shortage of supply coming at this time, the impact directly affects costs and sizing availability. The number one contributing factor at this time is shipping traffic and the sheer mass amount of it.

Companies begin prepping for the holiday season generally in the summer months, meaning from back to school leading up to Christmas, demand is in full swing for suppliers. The Independence Day and back-to-school supplies currently filling the shelves will shortly be replaced with the fall paraphernalia that is currently being prepped by most applicable industries. These imports cause great strain for not only suppliers but also shipping and transportation.

The flow of supplies can be attributed in many aspects to China's zero COVID-19 policy, which has led to an influx of extended lockdowns that caused suspension of operations in many factories. Among high levels of port congestion and shipping delays, the situation is continuing to affect more and more. From suppliers to consumers, we are all feeling the impact.

Rising fuel costs are another large factor that is increasing costs along the supply chain. To put it simply, the cost of diesel fuel has reached the highest point since the government began tracking. This causes a huge impact as diesel is marine fuel, needed when transporting goods from overseas. 

These examples among many more are linked within the supply chain collectively, where a shift in one can overthrow another aspect. From a large issue like increasing oil prices to a smaller aspect like cramped warehouses, they all have an impact. Since the start of supply and demand shifts due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the supply change has shifted permanently.

The supply chain issues highlight the importance of working and finding reliability for the commodity products you need and use daily. Zoomget works to provide dependable protection with competitive pricing across retail and business customers. We can't guarantee we will have full catalog availability at all times with pre-pandemic pricing, but what we can guarantee is that we are putting our customers first when sourcing the best in disposable gloves.


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